About us

PointClickGrow was founded to serve organizations that need a public presence in the era of social media marketing. Today’s consumer imagines new solutions from ideas on Pinterest and Facebook, leverages community in new ways, and even makes a mobile purchase on the way to the retail counter. PointClickGrow supports organizations that need relationships without traditional public relations.

The highly connected culture of social media is creating new demands on organizations. Today’s consumer of ideas and solutions uses social networks, visual sharing, and search engines to develop answers and become immersed in new areas of interest. As a veteran in public relations, and founder of Bowers PR and Marketing, Susan Fortner reimagined public relations needs from the point of view of the consumer when developing the PointClickGrow concept. PointClickGrow is designed to maintain a digital presence, and support your organization, without building a staff or distracting you from your mission. Partner with us to maintain the public presence of your brand.

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