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Thursday, 14 April 2016 14:42

Maria Woods

When I graduated and wanted to start my own practice, I had no idea where to begin. Point Click Grow helped me through every step which allowed me to focus myself back on my patients. Great pricing and their services are fantastic 

Thursday, 14 April 2016 14:42

Laura Paulson

I cannot say how happy I am to have hired Point Click Grow to handle my marketing for my practice. Their pricing are very affordable and anyone looking to start their own practice should contact Point Click Grow. They make it super easy!

Many practices today have a large flat screen television in the wait room with a coffee bar, juice and waters and more to make their patience comfortable while waiting to see the dentist.  The TV allows an opportunity to play a video about the practice to be viewed by your captive audience.  A strategic video helps the patient to learn more about the practice, services and even monthly specials being offered.  Why not take advantage of your waiting guest to learn a bit more about what you do.

Below are three reasons why your practice should have a video reel playing in your wait room.

  • Practice Specific.  A video in the wait room can help build confidence in your dental practice.  This is your chance to show testimonials, meet the dentist and benefits of the practice.  Patients are often asked for dental and medical referrals and this can give your patient information to pass on to their circle of friends.
  • Inform.  Show your patients’ industry trends, specials, tips, and education.  This is a great opportunity to show off same day crowns or teaching your young patients on proper brushing techniques.  Building trust with your patients helps keep them in your chair and not someone else’s.
  • Uplift.  In between informing about procedures and about your practice is an opportunity to make them comfortable.  Quiet soothing nature scenes, quotes of the day, uplifting news pieces, community bulletins can be added here.  This keeps your patient engaged in the video content as well as relaxes them while they are waiting to see you.

Creating your own content

Creating your own content can be very simple.  For Point Click Grow all you need to do is to submit slideshows, photos and type out some testimonials including first name and last initial.  If you want to create your own video partner with an experienced videographer – have them come out to the practice and interview staff and take some “tour” videos

When you are ready to create your office video reel – make sure and layout what you want to include and convey this to your production company.  Decide if you want to include before and after slides, frequently asked questions, a meet the dentist interview, office tour, motivational quotes and more.  What kind of “feel” do you want the video to have?  How long do you want the video?  Do you want something else to run between the videos like a movie or TV show?  All of this and more can be featured in your video reel. 

If you are ready to start Point Click Grow can help with our drone that comes with your package.  Take some fun shots inside and outside of the practice to include in your office video reel.  To learn more visit …

Snapchat seems to be the hot trend today for social media. Everyone under 25 is using it. But is Snapchat something you should consider for business?

How popular is Snapchat and is anyone over 30 using it? While the platform’s founder says he isn’t counting the number of monthly active users, he’s counting daily active users and puts that number at 100 million – a day! And he claims 65% of those users are posting photos or videos to their accounts. Those users are posting an average of 9000 posts per second!! That is a lot of content, and a lot of engagement.

Looking at studies it appears that most of the users are in the 20’s? Studies have shown that 73% of millennials (those aged 18-34) are using this platform. Yes, the demographic is heavily canted towards those 25 and younger. But, of course, as popularity grows, so do the demographics. You can expect to see a shift to more “adults” using the platform in the coming months and years.

The way Snapchat works is interesting.  It's the popular mobile app that allows you to send videos and pictures, both of which will self destruct after a few seconds of a person viewing them. Snapchat is also a fun messaging app. You can take a photo or a video with it, then add a caption or doodle or lens graphic over top, and send it to a friend.

As Snapchat has advanced, however (and recently released version 2.0), the disappearing content is no longer the big deal that distinguishes it from all other platforms. Instead, it’s becoming a platform that allows for all types of communication – from messages of any length, to audio, to video, to photos, to live chat, and more.

Here are the basics to get you started on Snapchat…

Setting Up Your Snapchat Account

If you are new to Snapchat and want to set up an account and get started, you can check out Snapchat’s own site for the best starting point. Choose the topic of choice from the left side menu to walk you through everything from setting up a new account to the intricacies of the platform.

There are some great blogs that can help guide you all about Snapchat – we have listed a few below..

Like most social media platforms a user cannot change his/her username after it is set. And if you delete your account, your username will not be available again. So make sure you pick the right username! If you’re going to use your account for business, don’t set up Snapchat with your personal name or some other weird username.

Much like Twitter and Pinterest It’s easy to add friends with multiple ways to connect with users. Of course, you’ve probably seen the yellow ghost cutout avatar all over social media. These are each user’s unique snapcode. When you’re in Snapchat, you can quickly scan someone’s snapcode and add them to your contacts – easy peasy! But a recommendation on this – be careful when uploading this snapcode to other platforms as your profile photo. If the platform crops your avatar to a circle (ie. Instagram), then it may (most likely will) cut off part of your snapcode, rendering it useless to you.

That being said, it’s not as easy to grow your audience on Snapchat as it is on other platforms. Due to the nature of the platform and the search functionality, people likely won’t find you unless they know about you. So make sure you capitalize on your existing audiences on other social media platforms, your email list, and other communities and let them know you’re now on Snapchat.

You can have individual snaps (photos or videos) or you can create stories (a series of snaps stitched together). You can add filters or text to your posts for a whole level of personalization you won’t find anywhere else. But this also makes it much more casual.

People on Snapchat are not there to linger. They’re easily bored and need constant activity. Don’t let your photos sit for more than a couple seconds and keep videos (cut off at 10 seconds) to something punchy and active. When stitching stories together, keep it quick and moving purposely.

Because the platform is so “hurried”, there is less of an expectation for perfect photos or well-formatted videos. It’s expected to be raw, real, and authentic. That being said, you still want to put your best foot forward. Try to get the best lighting, make sure your camera lens is clean, pick attractive backgrounds, and think about what else is in the frame. And, keep in mind, Instagram users used to be all about the “real” and now it’s all edited and leaning towards perfection, so chances are Snapchat will get to that point sometime too.

Yes, Snapchat is different from any other platform. Some people find it very difficult to grasp or understand or use conveniently. But, for those who do like it, they love it, and the features and use become natural to them. But because this platform is so different, this will also affect how you use it for business. So, I’ve rounded up my best advice for using this platform for your business.

Using Snapchat for Business

Now that you know the basics of Snapchat is this a good platform for the dental business?

Just like Instagram – many dentists are starting to enjoy Snapchat.  Especially if your practice is for the young professional that is more likely to use this platform. Learning this platform in it’s early stages, establishing a presence, and getting comfortable will make it much easier when your audience does get more active on this platform.

And, because the platform is new and marketers haven’t “figured it out” yet (ie. how to game it to splash their message all over the place), if you can get on there, and use it appropriately to build your community, you will have a serious leg up on your competition.

Yes, at some point, we can all assume that this platform will go the way of every other platform, and introduce broadly accessible ad placement and revenue generating tactics. So, having the audience and presence in place now will provide you with advantages when that time comes.

Because of the unique engagement on this platform and the variety of communication methods, this can be a hard platform to navigate as a business. It’s not marketing as you are accustomed to and it’s unlike anything you will experience on other platforms. So you’ll have to think differently – and think about community building, not marketing.

You need to consider the atmosphere on Snapchat. People are having FUN. Goofing around, doing silly faces, making fun of themselves (have you seen some of these filters?!). So going on there all stiff, uber professional, or depressing or serious, is NOT going to connect with this audience. Take into account the platform and the best messages you can share in this context.

You also need to be prepared for engagement. Yes, people will respond and chat with you after you post. So be ready for them! Anticipate responses, questions, and reactions. And be available! Do NOT post and disappear.

Like with every other platform you need a plan, strategy and tactics. Take the time to research the platform or hire a professional. Then determine how you will use it. How will it enhance your business? How often will you post? What will you post? Why are you posting? What are your expectations? All that good stuff and more needs to be determined BEFORE you start throwing stuff out there.

Make sure to brand your snapchat channel. Think about color schemes, product placement, keywords in your videos, and other ways to make your brand stand out. Build all of this into your strategy so that there is cohesion no matter what you post.

Here are some recommended says to Snapchat in your business:

  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Ask questions of your audience
  • Offer a regular series to answer popular questions or address a current issue
  • Go behind-the-scenes of your business
  • Share insights into a live event
  • Create tutorials or tips
  • Share how-to content
  • Build anticipation for a new product or launch
  • Showcase your employees and/or their personalities
  • Share your thoughts and feedback on any topic related to your business
  • Host a contest
  • Exclusive discounts or promotions
  • Flash sales

You can (and should) branch into offering discounts or promotions, but understand that this platform isn’t all that easy to use this tactic. Whether requiring your audience to take a screenshot or remembering a code, you can get them to interact with a promotion but it requires more work on their end. So make the campaign worth it to see best results.

Think about your call-to-action. Like anywhere else, giving people a clear, direct message on what you want them to do is paramount to building the success of your business through Snapchat.

There aren’t any great metrics for you to measure the “success” of your campaigns or activity. You can see how many people viewed your stories, and how many took a screenshot, so you have those basic metrics. You can also measure the fall off rates in your stories (from one snap to the next) so you can see what’s working and/or where you’re losing people. This can help you to create better content and stories in the future, improving your interactions with your audience.

But you can’t see how many are following you, or compare following counts and vanity metrics like we see on every other platform. Is this good or bad? You can decide! But when you aren’t focusing on the vanity metric of followers, you can focus on creating the best content for your brand.

As you can see, there is a lot to understand and a lot to adapt to if you plan to use Snapchat. Can it work? Sure! Plenty of businesses are using it successfully. But you will need to establish what “success” looks like to your business and have a healthy understanding of how you want to build your community through this platform. Explaining this concept to board members, owners, or clients may not be the easiest thing. Give it time and build it at a pace that works for everyone.

Monday, 29 February 2016 07:38

Frank Littlefield

Point Click Grow help me get my practice off to a great start. They provided me with a comprehensive marketing package that really got me started on the right foot. Really excited to see where this campaign will take my business

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