Solution Offerings & Capabilities of Point Click Grow

Website Design and Development

Your Website is the face of your business online.  Stay up to date with one of Point Click Grow’s semi-custom websites.

Your website will be developed using Wordpress, a state of the art Content Management System (CMS)  This gives you the ability to update information on the site as easily as editing a word document – giving you complete control of the content

The site will be designed to be user-friendly, modern, and able to display well on all devices (computer, tablets, phones).  Get the website you deserve today!

Social Media

Point Click Grow provides end-to-end support for your social media presence. Maintain your on-going relevance, while assuring that you are in control of your image on the web. We support all social mediums including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Consolidate relevant news. Separate fiction from fact. Discuss emerging ideas. Connect emotionally. Be a multimedia landing spot for those trying to find you.

We provide Social Media Setup (including creation of profiles, creation of branded themes and images, and initial posts) as well as ongoing Social Media Management.

Ongoing management revolves around creating and posting content on a consistent basis, staying engaged with your followers, and keeping the highest standards of your practice. 

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a good website is only the first step in a digital marketing campaign.  The next step is to get that website found by potential patients.  Typically speaking, anyone that searches for your specific practice should be able to find you.  What SEO does is try to get potential customers who are using more generic search terms around your products and services. 

Our Local SEO service has 2 major functions – to rank your website on the first page for your major search terms, and to rank your local business listing on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This is done via a combination of link building, citation building, press release and article distribution, website updates and local listing updates.  It is also not an instantaneous process.  Good SEO typically takes anywhere from 3 to 9 months depending on the level of competition and your website’s online history.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising is just as the title says, you pay when someone clicks.  These are the ads that are shown at the top and bottom of typical Google searches.

Point Click Grow will manage a paid advertising campaign for you, including everything from writing the ads that show up, managing your budget, ensuring that your ads are showing up to the right people at the right time. 

Besides the actual setup of the campaign, Point Click Grow will continue to monitor the ads, split testing them to make sure you get the best return on your investment.  You will also get detailed reports of what your customers are searching, how much you are paying for your ads, and how much calls and emails they generate.

Point Click Grow will charge a flat monthly fee to manage the campaign. You will choose a monthly budget for click charges (which can be adjusted at any time).  You can also increase this budget to make a push for more business, or decrease it if you have too much business or will be unavailable.


A great blog is a little science, a lot of commitment and a little magic.  Maintaining the right tempo is essential to maximize the value of your investment and not burn out your readers.  Underserving readers is the equivalent of forgetting to turn on the “golden arches” at McDonalds, because the consumer’s reaction is,  “Oh, they must not be open.” Developing story ideas may be easy, but maintaining the reader’s attention is an art. 

From concept to blog entry, blogging has become an essential tool for organizations that need to provide more content.  Whether the goals for your blog are to share news and ideas, inspire action, develop business, or inform the consumer, blogging is the antidote for informing without advertising.  And, blogging is particularly good at maintaining and strengthening your brand connection to committed or expert consumers.

Point Click Grow provides the capabilities that support the genius of a blogging connection, while averting the risk of over or under-serving the reader.

Waiting Room Video Reel

Your customer is captive while waiting for an appointment. Waiting Room Reels reach consumers by educating them on relevant topics, while connecting your solution as the possible answer. This is all just in time to prompt a conversation with a pro.

Your content has to include the key words and phrases that captures and keeps your consumers’ attention. Top performing reels engage different consumers differently. They grab your attention, and convert attention to action.

Point Click Grow connects your customer to a conversation with their professional through our Waiting Room Reel video production planning, production and distribution capabilities.

Video Production and Distribution

From music videos and Jimmy Fallon, to car repair and achieving a glamorous look; the single source for video content is YouTube. In 2011, online digital video watchers spent 39 minutes per day on video content. In 2015, video consumption by video watchers is up to 1 hour 55 minutes – three times the 2011 statistic. 7 of 29 headline news articles on USA Today’s mobile app are vide0 in an average day. No other medium is growing as quickly.

Getting views of your video has become professional business, though. Successful content producers have well planned content. Presenters are increasingly stronger in front of the camera. Creative editing makes watching videos an engaging process. And, Search Engine Optimization helps the content to be part of Google’s top search responses. Point Click Grow can support your YouTube and video content development, production, and placement.

App Production

Life and business has never moved at this pace. Mobile to the rescue. Keeping your customer engaged means simplifying and speeding routine tasks. A Starbucks takeout order eliminates the wait in line to order and pay. Airline check-in and flight updates eliminate the extra early arrival, time at the kiosk, and unanticipated delay notifications, thus simplify traveling tasks.

As a dentist, it could be anything from allowing customers to automatically schedule appointments on their phone, sending reminders for cleaning, special event reminders and more.

Connect with your clients with an app – let us build it for you.


Podcasts are radio shows available to you when you are ready, on your mobile device. Podcasts are interesting and focused radio programming without the radio station. Some examples of Podcasts include 10% Happier with Dan Harris, TEDTalks, and Fresh Air.  Listeners can work in their yards, or stay engaged during drive time, in subjects that they choose. You know the experts, or you are one yourself.

At Point Click Grow we know that planning a podcast, producing it, and building an audience takes time and energy. We can help.


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