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Why should your dental office display a practice video in the wait room?

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Many practices today have a large flat screen television in the wait room with a coffee bar, juice and waters and more to make their patience comfortable while waiting to see the dentist.  The TV allows an opportunity to play a video about the practice to be viewed by your captive audience.  A strategic video helps the patient to learn more about the practice, services and even monthly specials being offered.  Why not take advantage of your waiting guest to learn a bit more about what you do.

Below are three reasons why your practice should have a video reel playing in your wait room.

  • Practice Specific.  A video in the wait room can help build confidence in your dental practice.  This is your chance to show testimonials, meet the dentist and benefits of the practice.  Patients are often asked for dental and medical referrals and this can give your patient information to pass on to their circle of friends.
  • Inform.  Show your patients’ industry trends, specials, tips, and education.  This is a great opportunity to show off same day crowns or teaching your young patients on proper brushing techniques.  Building trust with your patients helps keep them in your chair and not someone else’s.
  • Uplift.  In between informing about procedures and about your practice is an opportunity to make them comfortable.  Quiet soothing nature scenes, quotes of the day, uplifting news pieces, community bulletins can be added here.  This keeps your patient engaged in the video content as well as relaxes them while they are waiting to see you.

Creating your own content

Creating your own content can be very simple.  For Point Click Grow all you need to do is to submit slideshows, photos and type out some testimonials including first name and last initial.  If you want to create your own video partner with an experienced videographer – have them come out to the practice and interview staff and take some “tour” videos

When you are ready to create your office video reel – make sure and layout what you want to include and convey this to your production company.  Decide if you want to include before and after slides, frequently asked questions, a meet the dentist interview, office tour, motivational quotes and more.  What kind of “feel” do you want the video to have?  How long do you want the video?  Do you want something else to run between the videos like a movie or TV show?  All of this and more can be featured in your video reel. 

If you are ready to start Point Click Grow can help with our drone that comes with your package.  Take some fun shots inside and outside of the practice to include in your office video reel.  To learn more visit …

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